Fuller House Art Studio/Gallery

"Calf" Sold
"River Bend" Sold
"Candescent Bog" Sold
"Persephone Rising" Sold
"Rooted 1 Hoggs Falls Bruce trail" Sold
"Birthday Portrait" NFS
"Lone Pine: Green Bay Cape Breton" NFS
"Adaptation of McCaw" NFS
"Lily Dipping: Beaver River" NFS
"Reflections on the Beaver River" NFS
"First Snow: Almonds Orchard" Sold
"Scrubbed by Snow" Sold
"Verdant" NFS
"Splendour" NFS
"The Sisters: Memorial Park" Sold
"Victorian Secrets" NFS
"Eye of the Surge: Big Head River" NFS
"Market Sisters: Marrakesh" NFS
"Grandma"s Attic" Sold
"Yellowbird Magnolia" Sold
"East Coast Mementos" NFS
"The Tree" Sold
"Manitoulin Enchantment" NFS
"B.C. Meadow" Sold
"Apple Blossoms: Loree Forest" Sold
"Three Trillium: Memorial Park" Sold
"Blue Pig" Sold
"Cowed" NFS
"Moment at Meaford Harbour" NFS
"The Shire: Thornbury Pier" NFS
"Bachelor Button and Bee" NFS
"Meaford Blue Ice 2" NFS
"Dusk" Sold
"Rural Roots" Sold
"Snowy Lake" NFS
"Yellow Birch" Sold
"Chasing Waves" NFS
"Winter Bough" NFS
"Winter Bowers" NFS
"Resurrection" SOLD
"Spring Swale Silcote" SOLD
"Slabtown" SOLD
"Misty Lily" SOLD
"Georgian Trail Km 4" SOLD
"Wind Swept" SOLD
"Girl on Trail" SOLD
"Dandelion" SOLD
"Meaford Blue Ice" SOLD
"Treetop Walk: Scenic Caves" SOLD
Plitvice Lake:Croatia" SOLD
"Home and Away" SOLD
"Home and Away" SOLD
"Forest Blanket" SOLD
"Party Animal" SOLD
"While You Slept" SOLD
"The Surge: Big Head River" SOLD
"The Tender" SOLD
"Winter Bower: Memorial Park" SOLD
"Sedum and Bee" SOLD
"Despair" SOLD
"Crimson Harvest" SOLD
"The Gloaming" SOLD
"Richard's Gift" SOLD
"Winter Apples: Almond's Orchard" SOLD
"Forest Path" SOLD
"Manitoulin Blush" SOLD
"Nude" NFS
"Darla's Anemone" SOLD
"Blue Buntings" SOLD
"The Kids" NSF
"Sunset at Meaford Harbour" SOLD
"Lilac" SOLD
"Five Bees" SOLD
"Happened Upon" SOLD
"The Arch" SOLD
"Anemone: After Burger" SOLD
"Van Gogh Portrait" SOLD
"Wintery Night: Woodford" SOLD
"Old Vic" SOLD
"The Dunes" SOLD
"Manitoulin Sunset" SOLD
"Sarah's Roses" SOLD
"Tree" SOLD
"Migration" SOLD
"Yuma" SOLD
"Field of Daisies" SOLD
"Together" SOLD
"Cape St. Mary" SOLD
"Rose of Sharon" SOLD