Fuller House Art Studio/Gallery

The Studio/Gallery

The Fuller House Art Studio/Gallery is located at 116 Bridge Street, Meaford, Ontario.

A "great room", treasured by many since the house was built in 1856, functions as a working studio for Dean and houses much of his collection. Other pieces can been found locally in a Meaford cafe and a Collingwood church. The "great room" is visible from Bridge Street and is the first thing you see when looking toward the house. Dean and his wife Peggy live in another section of the home and will be available if you have any questions, want to chat about art or about Dean's art, or make a purchase. Casual viewing  - in other words no purchase - is very welcome!

The studio is closed due to COVID. We may be open later in the spring.  Usually when we do have to be away, we are often close by. Please feel free to contact us in case we miss you, or before you plan to arrive at the cell number below.  

Cell: 519-477-3430




If you see a piece on this web site that you would like to purchase, but are not able to visit the gallery, please let us know via any means above and we can discuss shipping.  


The Artist

The inspiration for Dean's oil paintings draws on his years of living locally and travelling widely. Many paintings are inspired by plants, trees and gardens right in his own backyard, by sights along local trails, beside rivers, along the bay, and in various locations from coast to coast in Canada. A retired social science and history teacher, Dean also sometimes draws on his interest in other lands and time periods.

In his early years of teaching Dean was inspired by his own childrens' creativity. He united each of their drawings and paintings incorparating them onto a single canvas. Each composition is as unique as the original artist, the child. These paintings have all been sold (mostly to parents). Samples can be found in Gallery Two. Dean called these paintings "Fridge Art".  If left on fridges pictures may disappear, but this method allows them to be preseved as unique family keepsakes. The name of each painting is the name of the original artist. ("Henry", "Monique"). We (the Raeburn-Bell family) are grateful to have mementos of our own childrens' art.